Aug 31,2014
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me: do ur homework
me: no

Aug 31,2014
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“Z: Then he showed me Kid Rock’s last book and his book is about twice the size, hardback, black, simple writing, the whole thing just filled with sick pictures, and just like captions from each place. No bullshit. No, like, ‘my favorite color’s blue,’ ‘my favorite color’s red, ‘if I was invisible for the day I would touch people’s bums,’ none of that. And, then, literally just all sick pictures and it looks bad and he’s basically putting a picture while ??? if it looks cool.
L: Nice, aw sick. Sick. You hear it here first, then.
Z: Every time you look in it, you just think ??? ‘that’s a bad photo.’ Full of sick shit instead of boring crap.
L: Yeah, I know. Same old shit that I’m sure the fans are bored of reading.
Z: They want to know what we’re up to now, man. We’re not into the pink books, man.”
— Zayn and Louis on the books x (via justaboat)

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Zito Hsu

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Artist: One Direction
Trackname: Truly, Madly, Deeply
Album: Take Me Home

I promise it’s been too long since you listened to this

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Korra Week: Day 2 → Fierce

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